OBGMX: Frequently Asked Questions

How do I pronounce OBGMX?

Well, that's hard to explain. I usually pronounce it by spelling the letters in Italian.
Alternatively, you can pronounce it in the same way as the Star Wars character Obi-Wan.

OB-1? Do you mean that there will be OB-2, OB-3, ... and so on?

Maybe... I have a few ideas about where going to from there. In particular, I am planning to produce topologies in LAMMPS format (and that would be OB-2), although this is not among my top priorities right now.
However, you are welcome to drop me a line and try to convince me.

OBGMX outputs a wrong topology! Can you help me?

I am afraid that in general the answer to that question would be Sorry, I can't.
Nevertheless, please send me a detailed bug report of what you obtained, including at least: Please be aware that the resources that I could dedicate to this project are limited and I might not be able to fix all the problems, let alone reply to all the reports.
However, your interest in OBGMX and your willingness to help will be greatly appreciated.

Hey, this service is just great! How can I thank you in a more substantial way?

All right... no one has never ever asked anything like that, but wouldn't that be nice?

If you found OBGMX useful in your research, you are welcome to cite one of my papers about and using this service.
If you really need to express you gratitude, I wouldn't mind a "thank you" note. My e-mail address is just below here.

I diligently read all the documentation I could find, but I still have a question about OBGMX.
Whom should I send my enquiries to?

Myself :)
That would be Giovanni Garberoglio, garberoglio [AT] fbk [DOT] eu
Thank you for your interest in OBGMX.

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